Elven Chronicles S60 [java]

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Elven Chronicles S60 [java]

Post by d4d0 on Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:35 pm

Elven Chronicles S60 [java]

The young knight and nice Elf travel on the thrown kingdoms in searches of rescue for all world. Its sword is heavy and sharp, and its spells amaze imagination. Meet epic role game with amazing the schedule and huge quantity of monsters, the weapon, levels.
The purpose of game - to pass all kingdoms and to find a key to rescue of the world. During travel protagonists grow in skills, pump over the skills and find the new weapon. The schedule looks simply amazingly, at a level of the best two-dimensional RPG from prefixes SuperNintendo.
During passage it is possible to find the weapon, the reservation and subjects. Their versions are practically uncountable. The world is simply huge, on it it is possible to wander hours. Even if to play without interruption for a dinner, a dream and needs of nature, on passage will leave more than 20 hours. One only enemies-from above 100 versions!

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