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fake website mig33 Empty fake website mig33

Post by d4d0 on Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:56 pm

Friends I want to tell you all that there is a new fake website of mig33... I am giving you its address and some screen shots. I hope it will help you.

the site is
1. http://www.mig33.byethost13.com
2. http://www.mig33fans.wen.ru
3. http://www.mig33help.wen.ru
4. http://www.mig33mania.wen.ru
5. http://www.mig33admins.wen.ru
6. http://www.mig33underground.wen.ru

please don't visit this web

I want to tell you again that this is a fake website ... Don't enter your ID and password there...
Remember mig33's only website is http://www.mig33.com and http://wap.mig33.com
You can see in this site there is a software named: mig33 protection (There is no such software.. Its a fake news they want your password and this software is only for attarction)
How do they know whether it is my original password or not when i enter in that site ??? :?
I also thought the same.. But now i have the answer... As soon as we enter our password to that website .. they redirect us to mig33's original website (www.mig33.com) and if we enter wrong password we get an error (Invailed username or password)
If we give correct username and password then they check it whether it is right or not ( by redirecting us ) and if they found our informations are OK. they change our passwords at once within a minute.
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fake website mig33 Empty Re: fake website mig33

Post by WatchFul EyE on Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:54 pm

Br0 thanx f0r this valuable inf0rmati0n

ReMeMbEr I aM wAtChInG yOu!!!

fake website mig33 Metall10

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