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Curse - The Eye of Isis Empty Curse - The Eye of Isis

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Curse - The Eye of Isis

Curse - The Eye of Isis S19652_pc_11Curse - The Eye of Isis S19652_pc_9

Become Dr. Darien Dane as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient Egyptian statue from the British Museum. This unique statue is protected by an ancient and evil curse that causes madness, or violent death, to all those who come in contact with it. The Curse manifests itself by raising the dead and animating diabolical objects. It is up to you to find and return the statue to the pyramid that it should never have been taken from. Are you up for the challenge? Beware - the Curse can sense that you are drawing nearů
Hardware Requirements

: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Processor: Pentium 600 Mhz or Higher Video Card: 3D Video Card Hard Drive: 700 MB HD CD-ROM: 4x or Faster RAM: 128 MB RAM

Download: curses.part01.rar curses.part02.rar curses.part03.rar curses.part04.rar curses.part05.rar curses.part06.rar curses.part07.rar curses.part08.rar curses.part09.rar
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