Rocket Reader v8.11 Gold

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Rocket Reader v8.11 Gold

Post by d4d0 on Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:38 pm

Rocket Reader v8.11 Gold
Fix Reading Problems - FAST

Say good riddance to poor reading skills! Quickly improve your reading speed, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and reading stamina.
Unleash Your Reading Genius

* Improve your reading skills. Use RocketReader
*Assess your reading speed, comprehension and vocabulary

Master Reading Proficiency
If you are seeking that "competitive edge" that will enable you to advance in your studies or career, RocketReader award winning software is for you. Fast and accurate reading is a powerful SUCCESS factor. Valuable because you can achieve better grades and promotions when you read, comprehend and apply more than others.

RocketReader is the pioneer in reading proficiency software and is the only product to use artificial intelligence based reading strategies to train you to read faster with better reading comprehension. Easy to use, powerful and effective!

Download: Rocket_Reader_v8.11Gold.rar
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