GL Beowulf 176x208 N70/176x208 6670/7610

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GL Beowulf 176x208 N70/176x208 6670/7610

Post by d4d0 on Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:32 pm

GL Beowulf 176x208 N70/176x208 6670/7610

by Gameloft

Resist temptation and confront absolute evil in the official mobile game.

Discover the official Beowulf mobile game, based on the Paramount Pictures and Shangri-La feature movie by acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis. Play the powerful warrior Beowulf in a dangerous fantasy world, full of massive sea serpents, giant monsters and dragons. To protect your people, you must face off against the demon Grendel and endure the fury of his menacing mother, a fiendish woman/serpent hybrid who will seduce you in an attempt to give her a son. Survive your quest, resist temptations, protect what's yours and triumph over absolute evil to become a legendary king.

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