Turok N70 J2ME [MULTI Lang/Screen] v2.03

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Turok N70 J2ME [MULTI Lang/Screen] v2.03

Post by d4d0 on Wed Feb 27, 2008 1:00 pm

Turok N70 J2ME [MULTI Lang/Screen] v2.03

On a plot, our protagonist workedthe agent in space corporation. During the next flight its ship havelined also it lands on a wild planet. Here simply a great lot maliciouspangolins. And moreover, star pirates.

The player can choose style of passage - with shooting or without. Itis possible to wet all enemies, and it is possible to hide and creepsimply by them. Levels are designed so, that through them it ispossible to pass on different routes.

And if you have become bored on the present massacre include modeCarnage and enjoy hordes of dinosaurs which break on the hero fromdifferent directions. In this mode it is necessary to hold on simply asit is possible longer, shooting attacking enemies. To play it ispossible hours, simply forget about time!

mediafire.com ?kgwjvkmz4ry
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