MP3 WAV Studio v6.54.70320

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MP3 WAV Studio v6.54.70320

Post by WatchFul EyE on Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:45 pm

MP3 WAV Studio v6.54.70320

P3 Wav Studio v6.54.70320
MP3 WAV Studio is an all-in-one MP3 program to play, convert, create, encode, decode MP3 and other format audio files, rip CD sound track easily and burn audio CD quickly, as well as a MP3 site manager and more.

MP3/Audio Converter
Supports batch mode for fast converting of several files at one time;
Imports from MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI, OGG, MP2, MPEG, MPC, MP+ and G721;
Exports to MP3, WMA, ADPCM, DSP, MP2, VOX, OGG, GSM, G721, G723, G721 and A-LAW;
Remains original Tag information after converting.

CD Ripper

Allows fast ripping from audio CDs to WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG formats directly without intermediate WAV files;
Supports jitter-correction ripping modes to restore damaged tracks from scratched CDs;
Supports CDDB;
Supports multi ripping modes;
Easy-to-use Tag information edit and set.

MP3/Audio Player

Supports the following audio formats:
Uncompressed WAV PCM;
WMA (Windows Media Audio);
MP2 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-2);
MP3 (MPEG 1/2 Layer-3);
VOX (Dialogic ADPCM);
RAW audio (PCM, A-LAW, U-LAW);
Compressed WAV (GSM, ADPCM, DSP... )
MPC (MusicPack);
AVI (audio track);
G.726, G.723, G.721;
Ogg Vorbis (Version 1.0);
AIFF (Apple audio format);
AU (UNIX audio format).

Visual representation of audio data in the process of playback;
Easy-to-use playlist box, you can directly drag your music files from your Windows Explorer to this playlist box for playback;
Supports Winamp M3U, PLS playlist;
Supports ASX, WAX, WVX playlist of Windows Media Player;
Supports editing tags in audio files.

CD Burner

Records audio CD discs On-the-Fly and erases re-writable discs;
Supports majority of modern IDE, USB, SCSI CD writers assembled in 2001 year or later. Pioneer, Sony, Ricoh, HP, Toshiba, Plextor, Lite-On, Mitsumi, HP, LG, Philips, TEAC, Toshiba, TDK, etc;
Supports Buffer Protection systems, like Burn Proof and others for error free recording;
Creates audio CDs easily from wide range audio files like WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, RAW, VOX, etc;
Imports multi-session CDs and merges new files with an existing session;
Supports Track-At-Once (TAO), Session-At-Once (SAO) and Disc-At-Once modes (DAO);
Creates fully compatible ISO9660 Level 1, 2 and Joliet data CDs.

MP3 Site Manager

Includes 100 links to MP3 web sites;
You can double-click the site name to open these MP3 sites with your Windows Explore


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