Create nameless folder & vanish it..

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Create nameless folder & vanish it.. Empty Create nameless folder & vanish it..

Post by WatchFul EyE on Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:14 am

Make Nameless folder:
1.Select a folder or make a new one.
2.Right click and select rename option.
3.Now press Alt and then 0160 (Alt+0160).

Then the folder will become a nameless folder. You will see just a folder icon without name. If you want to create more nameless folders into the same folder/drive or on the desktop you have to type Alt+0160 for many times. It depends on the number of your folders you want to create.
For example: - if you want to create 4 nameless folders. Then:
Folder (1) should be: (Alt+0160)
Folder (2) should be: (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160)
Folder (3) should be: (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160)
Folder (4) should be: (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160) (Alt+0160)

And do the same for other folders.
Vanish your nameless folder:
1.Create nameless folder.
2.Select the folder icon.
3.Right click and select properties.
4.Click "customize" and then click the "Change Icon" option.
5.Select blank icon from the icon list.
6.Click "Apply" or "Ok".

Then see what happens. Your folder has been vanished!
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